What Makes a Video Go Viral?

I recently discovered an interesting website called  Vvx.

It’s a stock market for viral videosIt’s all free – (You play with a fake currency called voins) you can play online and on your phone.

video exchange

video exchange

VVX.io is a place where the marketer can hone their skill at identifying YouTube video’s with viral potential. It’s a game of course and when you start your given some seed capital, then you can either pick videos currently trending  or choose a video and seed it into the thread.

I found that it took about a week and I was able to better pick videos that were going to have some traction.

Many video’s get their momentum just from their unique ‘killer’ title.


But a title will only get you so far, it will get you your first generation of views. However unless there are other memes in the video, to drive it.  It wont share into second third and beyond generations, subsequently it won’t go viral.

My observations on VVX.io  reinforce the idea that for a video to gain viral momentum there must be a minimum  of two memes that work in conjunction with each other.

Here’s a great checklist I found, and even though the terms are oblique or strange, we can all pinpoint a video we’ve seen that has at least one of these memes.

viral video memes

viral video memes

The other most critical aspect to viral momentum is: Duration.

Short is good ,but not too short, because you don’t want the loading time to exceed the length of the video, otherwise it is automatically perceived as not worth the click. Too long and the viewer will censor their  based upon how much time they think they have to spend, i.e. “Do I want to watch one 12 min video or four  3 min ones?”

VVX investment panel

You can watch the video’s trend up and down, you can buy in and sell out.

VVX.io is a great example of Web 2.0, offering realtime consumption metrics. The ability to track the progress of any video in real-time, creates a sense of urgency in the game play, which makes it more real and thrilling. There’s nothing worse than logging into your dashboard and finding the “prank” video you invested in, has died overnight, and you’ve lost all your investment!

Go Play, Enjoy 

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