The Unfriendly Report™ – Victa

The Unfriendly Report™ offers a review of corporate websites classifying them based upon 3 simple criteria.

  1. Site navigation (how easy is it to get around)
  2. Social media network integration (can you share information)
  3. Feedback (how easy is it to converse with the company)

Scores are defined as Friendly, Not So friendly, and Unfriendly.



There’s a lot of lawn out there and Victa would like us to use their products, to take care of it. The Victa website site was obviously designed about 20 years ago and nothing has been done since then.

Yes it’s fast loading, pages and pages of text usually are. But who wants to read about a mower, I want to see it in action, but you can’t.  I want to see how easy they are to start and use, but you can’t, unfortunately there’s none of that on the Victa website, just text, text and more text.

Easy to navigate? Well yes, you can’t go wrong working your way across the basic tabs. Pages and pages of basic specs, gripping stuff, you’d think in this day and age they could at least make mowing a little sexier.

The site is peppered with a couple of historical photo’s to let us know they have been around for a while, several pics drawn straight from previous ad campaigns, which are unrealistic and frankly a joke. Victa’s “Digital agency” is Clear Blue Day  who must have put a student with basic code experience on this job. I’m sure they charged a pretty penny for it to, 20 years ago.

Social media integration, what’s that? If I like any of the products, there is no way of sharing it. there is no place for reviews and testimonials, what are they scared of?

Feedback: Down at the last Tab, A very simple uncomplicated feedback form, well it’s actually a spiced “opt in box”. thanks for the feedback we can now bombard your Inbox with advertising thank you very much.

You can’t even buy one of their products online! With an “ancient” site like this Victa will soon lose market share as more and more procurement goes online. Do they have a mower I can Twitter from while I mow? No. Can I upload photo’s of my grass clippings from the catcher directly to Flickr? No.

Victa’s Score-  Unfriendly

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