The Unfriendly Report – Arnott’s Biscuits

the Unfriendly Report

Offers a regular review of corporate websites classifying them based upon 3 simple criteria.

  1. Site navigation (how easy is it to get around)
  2. Social media network integration (can you share information)
  3. Feedback (how easy is it to converse with the company)

Scores are defined as Friendly, Not So friendly, and Unfriendly.

First cab of the rank is Arnott’s biscuits

Arnott's logo

I recently had occasion to visit to the Arnott’s website, to advise them of a product fault with some biscuits. Now you’d think, biscuits, one of the most consumed foods of geeks, nerds and computer users worldwide. A biscuit company ought to be friendly and social media savvy.

On first glance the site is presented in slim blog format, but it’s not a blog, it’s an uncreative static website, with 5 tabs.

“About us” An exercise in branding, history, corporate policy and OHS, these are things I’d be interested in if I was an employee or an investor but as a consumer I only care about the biscuits my family and I eat.

“Our products”, an elaborate slideshow of biscuit packaging, a rave about how 1 in every 2 households have Tim Tams, I suppose that’s supposed to make me feel left out if I don’t have Tim Tams like the other half of the population.

Then there’s the “Recipes page”, that’s good I thought something for nothing, perhaps some useful stuff, but alas it has a rave about a new logo they’ve developed for school canteens, a blurb about their business awards and they offer no way of easily sharing the so called recipes with my friends and connections

“Snack well” a misguided attempt to convince the consumer that snacking is safe especially if you snack on Arnott’s products.

“What’s new” has a promotion you can enter, though if you try and enter it you’ll end up with RSI and fatigue, a rave about their new marketing policy towards children. (at least they’re open about the fact that they specifically target children in there marketing)


Trying to leave feedback was a nightmare, why? First the feedback link is hidden way down the bottom next the “ a message from our legal people” and “the privacy policy” second the info they wanted just to contact them was akin to a mini marketing survey about me my family my eating habits etc. Frankly I wasn’t interested in giving this information to them especially as I wanted to complain about an unnatural object we found in one of their biscuits. I decided to use the toll free number the next day.

Overall Arnott’s uses their website to tell us about their corporate responsibility, there is no sharing ability at all and the feedback process is complicated and invasive. You can’t even get a biscuit.

Arnott’s Score – Unfriendly unfriendly

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