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As we get presented with devices that are able to let us connect online, social media will continue to flourish in the coming years. Based on an infographic entitled ‘Social Media Infographic 2014 Facts You Didn’t Know,’ 46 percent of internet users worldwide are accessing Facebook daily while Twitter has exceeded the overall search queries results monthly of Bing and Yahoo combined. With a strong following, these platforms have become an extension of a person’s identity that employers and HR managers said they use an applicant’s online profile during the hiring process.

Due to its massive reach and strong patronage, it is expected that more social media companies will rise to success in 2015. This is a great news for web marketers as they’re able to have more platforms to communicate their brand. But, who will be the big players next year? In this post, we want to give you a heads up on how to strategize your campaign in 2015 by getting to know the top companies that will rise to stardom next year.

It’s their time to shine!
1. Frilp (
Need recommendation from friends before purchasing anything? The Frilp is a new platform that allows you to get quick advice from your followers as well as their panel of experts about products or services that you are seeking online. This is ideal for those who are traveling to a new city, with its list of recommended attractions, restaurant, food, accommodation and more. It connects users to registered Frilp businesses along with their contact details based on their current location. If you want to get immediate trust from people, enjoy the word-of-mouth style of the Frilp.
2. Kenshoo Social (
Kenshoo Social assists marketers in creating and managing their campaigns as it analyzes metrics, algorithms, and other data online to measure performance, target market, and budget to be set per day or per month. Although targeted primarily for elite marketers, the website is also highly useful to those who are building their credentials as the platform offers training and certifications through its KenshooU.
3. Quicknet (
Primarily focused on travelers, the Quicknet is an app that offers a one-stop for all your travel needs. Stationed in Munich, it was formerly known as Jets. It assists its users with booking quick flights to picking the perfect seat on the place. The application had a new update that includes the Facebook seat check-in, which allows the user to know more about the person sitting next to them via the details they provide and if they ticked the option for Facebook profile link to their accounts. With more details on about the targeted market, it’s easier to filter them out.
4. Heard (
Have you heard the latest? A new social news aggregator is in town through the form of Heard. Similar to the process of free-flowing conversation at parties and gatherings, this news network allows its users to discuss any topic they like and allow others to join in while preserving their anonymity. The mobile app matches the content to the interested users based on their qualities, likes, and dislikes, without the need to search or follow.
5. Unmetric (
A great go-to for marketers, Unmetric aims to assist them in generating ideas based on real successful projects to make their own campaign creation effective in their target market. Instead of taking days or weeks analyzing pure analytics and data, this platform helps analyze your current metrics and compare it with your active competitions on the market. It makes the whole process of spying with your competitors faster, efficient, and worthwhile. In addition, it also offers real-time notification to the user whenever your competitors content is garnering a strong traffic.

Predictions for next year
To completely help you with your campaign creation for next year, here are some trends we should expect to happen in 2015:
 Virtual customer care will be important – Consumers are now more active online than ever, as their inquiries and concerns are now being voiced out in their profiles or directly on the company’s official social pages. Thus, it’s best to focus your campaign on ways to cater to your current and potential clients. It will pay off to continue providing quality and interesting content on your website that will help them locate and use your products and/or services.
 Online marketing through tablets – As tablets become as powerful as personal computers with the introduction of 64-bit technology, we will soon see an increase in its usage, especially in the corporate world. Since all social platforms are now accessible via mobile devices, most online marketers are expected to completely move their work via these gadgets. Since tablets have large displays (7-inch to 10-inch) that allow them to have more space to work with, this will be their common choice of device.
– Goodbye, Google Plus – As new marketing companies rise, some platforms may see its final days next year. Experts predict that with no continues updates from the search engine firm on their social media, many users and marketers are no longer interested to venture on it. “In 2015 I think there’s about a 50% chance that Google could completely kill of Google Plus. I do not recommend companies spend much time investing in the platform,” Seige Media Founder Ross Hudgens said.

There are many changes to expect in social media marketing next year, and it’s best to anticipate and prepare for it. How do you foresee the online market in 2015?


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