Tips on How to Develop effective Skills in Social Engagement.

Cyber Social CitizenYou may have produced the greatest movie in the history of the world but unless you get an audience to agree with you, you’ve got nothing.  With the astronomical amount of visual clutter that exists today, it’s important to engage your audience well before the curtain opens. How do we do this? Enter the “Art of Social Media”.

Studies show that 85% of human communication is gossip with only 15% technical. Correct me if I’m wrong but generally when you come across new information the first thing you want to do, is tell someone else. Social media not only harnesses this urge to tell” but it gives us the ability to measure it.

Social media is a form of communication that centre’s around the skill of engaging people, to be effective in promoting ourselves favourably, to build lasting relationships and sell our content.

Engaging with people means first getting their attention, then holding their interest with relevant and remarkable information and then following through with meaningful conversation and proactive collaboration.

The modern artist can no longer hide behind excuses like; “but I’m not a social or people person or I’m a private person”. If this is where your mindset is, change it or get out, get out of the entertainment business now! Now that we’ve got rid of the riff raff lets get down to business.

There are three critical elements that you need to get rightdrive effective social media engagement. Content, Communication and Collaboration.

The first and probably the most important element is; to know thyself and know thy content. Knowing who you are shapes your brand and social media profiling. Knowing what you have to offer shapes the content of, messages, materials and information.

Secondly there is the understanding of real time communication, Knowing the different ways to connect online informs your chosen methods of communication. Knowing the best time to contact shapes your strategy, planning and implementation.

Thirdly Collaboration, Knowing who your audience is shapes your context, tone of voice and style of writing, Knowing what you want from people shapes your message, value proposition and call to action.

These elements are not only the foundations for effective social media engagement but also the hallmarks of a great cyber social citizen, which is something we should all strive to be.

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