Why Are The Big Advertising Agencies Are Failing Their Clients

advertising agencies

advertising agencies

The Global Shift from Interruption to Permission Marketing.

(Terminology courtesy of Seth Godin.)

Traditional advertising agencies don’t know what “permission” means, they’ve never done it, Big advertising agencies haven’t got the foggiest idea how to approach the concept of permission. Because they have never asked the consumer for permission, they only know how to shove increasingly “clever” ideas down your throats. They only know bombardment and saturation. They made their clients believe that if you get back more than what you spend it’s a success, even if it’s only a margin of 2%. Even their metrics have been largely falsified, because there has been no real way to check, apart from gross sales, and who can tell if the ads are working at all, it’s the advertisers word against nothing. Who is going to trust metrics, which have been generated from handpicked agency focus groups or from biased consumer surveys?

Permission marketing requires an entire restructure of the advertising ethos, and lots of jobs will become redundant. So instead of embracing and thinking they are running around trying to disprove the power and reach of social media marketing. Trying to justify the big budgets, the astronomical media spends that they have become accustomed to.

Social media marketing doesn’t require massive budgets, it requires thought, it requires sensitivity to the customers needs and behaviour, it requires dedicated staff. The big advertising agencies are trying to tell you that they are best placed to do this, but they are not. The Agencies have first to change the internal workings of their own organizations before being able to tell you what to do. By spending time and your money trying to justify their behaviour over the last 30 years, they are missing the social media marketing boat, rather than thinking laterally, they are trying to use their flawed techniques to water down the social media effect. Instead of shifting, they are telling companies that social media is yet another added layer to the whole advertising budget, but it’s not, it’s more powerful than all the techniques they have ever used before combined.

We are about to see a domino effect of advertising agency collapses, stock and share prices are falling, credibility is waning as small time bloggers create a greater buzz around brands than multimillion dollar campaigns. There are two types of company; brave and dead. Who will fall first?

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