Stuff your movie Experience into Letterboxd!

When I first started exploring social apps on Facebook about 3-4 years ago there was a great service called Social Living, which amongst other things encouraged the user to list all the movies you’ve seen, rate and write reviews etc. it had a range of comparison interfaces, leader boards etc. everything was going along fine.

Then about 2 years ago they sent out a notification advising all their users that the movie listing service was ceasing. I felt a sense of panic, deep rooted fear from a device failure trauma in 1992 and because by that time I had racked my failing memory, checked old diaries and listed about 2800 movies, written over 260 reviews and it seemed that all this was going to be lost, into the bowels of some distant dying server.

Here is a story that would not have ended well without Web 2.0 and open source technology. The idea of Transparency, Social Living supplied my lists, ratings and reviews as CSV files I was able to download and store my precious data.

I toyed with the idea of building a few dedicated pages with my lists, but it seemed like a lot of work, there they sat dormant, until recently.

letterboxd website home

I discovered a new site called Letterboxd which is a lot sexier and graphical and sources it’d database from IMBD and TMBD, (limited sources I know but this will change).  It has a diary where you can list dates you saw the movies, if this was integrated into my Facebook timeline, everyone would soon see what I spent my youth doing. Finally one other thing I like about Letterboxd is that it’s an independent website and not hidden inside Facebook.

letterboxd interface

After getting excited and started putting my data into it, now I’m half way through  and I’m getting worried, because I just realised how much time this data input has taken, what’s going to happen when this site goes belly up too? I have two choices, lobby Letterboxd to make lists available as CSV files, just in case or see a psychiatrist about my device failure fears. what would you do?

Please note, I am not affiliated with Letterboxd in anyway, this is an independent opinion.

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