Social Media can turn your Local Business into a Global Business

worlwide shippingChances are if you own a small business, particularly selling non perishable items, these items are generally delivered to you from a wholesaler or manufacturer, which means these items can also be delivered to your customers in the same manner.

If you’ve been in business for a while you will have a pretty good idea who your customers are and what they want when they walk into your establishment. In the past this insight has been gained through trial an error, (seeing what sells well and what doesn’t) supply and demand. Or by surveying your customers needs. All this information is now available about anyone, anywhere in the world. This information is only a few Google, Facebook or Foursquare searches away in most cases.

To the average consumer, sitting at home and searching the net for an item, their only concerns are generally, price and delivery time, in fact price is quite often not an issue, it’s convenience that is king, they don’t care where it comes from, only how fast they can get it delivered to their door and start using it.

The massive growth of the metrics databases, geo-location and consumer profiles across social media networks gives the small businessperson the ability to expand their customer base across the planet. social media can turn any local business into a global business.

If you can value add, and offer competitive pricing and shipping time, then national and international boundaries are no longer an issue. You can leverage the power of social media to locate and target customers worldwide.

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