Social Media Tips for Independent Screen Producers

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Over the last 3 years or so Hollywood has begun exploring Social Media as a marketing tool with positive and negative results, an observation of these methods can give independent filmmakers some insights on how they too can use social media to promote their projects from the preproduction stage on. Here’s some ways that have already been employed by filmmakers producers and distributors.


Using Facebook chat to host live conversations with the creators, artists and fans. Organise key members of the cast and crew to be online at a particular time to chat and answer questions about the production, their feelings and experiences.

Create a consistent stream of interesting updates and behind the scenes information.

Remember to thank people for their comments.


Encourage cast and crew to tweet behind the scenes tid bits.

Executive producers can tweet about the highs and lows of the financing process.

Encourage audiences to tweet reviews straight after the test and opening screenings.

e.g UnderTheNeonSky have been tweeting lines of dialogue from a script they are currently trying to finance

e.g. Paranormal Activity (which was made for $15000 and has made over $150 million so far) asked audiences to tweet their screams, they also shot video of audiences screaming while watching the movie in the theatre and pieced together a trailer for viral distribution.


Create buzz around a teaser or trailer on Youtube or Vimeo

Favourite other videos that are similar to yours, leave comments and video responses on other Youtube channels.

Find real or create news reports around the movies content or subject.

e.g.” Terminator Salvation” released a video of Christian Bale’s on set tirade, which went viral but generated an overall negative sentiment, about the movie.


Create promotional interactive games or activities based around the movie content.

e.g. 9 put QR codes into the corner of posters in cinemas, audience members were encouraged to photograph the poster and send it through to the distributor, who in turn sent back links to exclusive interviews of director Tim Burton giving insights into the characters.


Open an official Flickr account for the project and promote via a collection of behind the scenes and production stills.

Ask yourself, what can you build buzz around? What’s unique about your film, it could be the topic, the location, the cast or the way it’s being produced. These elements will offer you valuable unique content, which can be used to brand yourself and your film. Social media gives independent filmmakers, (who are usually budget challenged) the ability to build buzz slowly and cheaply. If you take into consideration it usually takes around 5-6 years to get a project finished we have time on our side.In what ways have you used social media in the promotion of your project? please leave a comment.

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