Social media and Social Consciousness

The Anonymous collective has identified 2045 as our target for reaching singularity, you may think that a little ambitious, because to reach this point the level of social consciousness would have to increase exponentially. The rate of technological advancement would have to increase by an exponential rate, the rate of decay of the current currency systems would have to decay at an exponential rate. That’s exactly whats happening.

So what is Social consciousness?  A.K.A, social awareness; Aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis; conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society. An individual with an acquired social consciousness derives his or her viewpoint from the mainstream culture.  Not to be confused with “social intelligence  where an individual explores alternatives to the dominant cultural viewpoint  or “collective consciousness” where the person  strongly identifies with their marginalised group. Essentially if your starting to ponder the plight of others, even strangers, or people you will never meet as opposed to your own little world, then your on track for expanding your social consciousness.

Social Media offers us the definitive tool for the fair development and evolution of social consciousness. Even though one might consider Facebook the “McDonald’s” of social networks it does offer us a very stark perspective at the exponential growth that’s going on before our eyes. In seven short years Facebook has gone from 1 to 1 billion users, over 50 percent interact daily with the platform. Christianity took just over 1500 years to reach 1 billion users less than 20% interact with the platform once a week. Which puts Facebook on track to becoming the dominant religion on the planet within the next 5 years.

It’s not about being with the “in” crowd anymore, Social Media has given the anonymous consumer a face and a voice. It has brought about the liberation of thoughts and opinions, in many cases ideas, trapped for centuries in closed oppressed political systems. These people have always had an insight of the world outside their own through the media which has penetrated, but only now is the information coming back from the other side, and people around the world are saying, we’ll that’s not good enough for human life. What is even more exciting, is that people are forming groups and taking action not waiting for important political and civil systems to do the right thing.

Social media is impacting the way we engage with each other and see ourselves and the communities we inhabit, forging collaborations that will inevitably shape the future of civilisation. Making decisions on a planetary scale, seems to be the only rational approach. it’s only been in recent times (less than a decade) that millions of people have become aware of the plight of those people s oppressed, and subjugated by tyrants . We all saw the power of social media in the Arab Spring across North Africa and now into Syria and beyond. Social Media is not restricted by the arbitrary borders of states and nations.

With YouTube, video, photo sharing and podcasts, the person doesn’t have to read, to experience amazing stories about thier society; I don’t need to be literate to know what is going on in the world. 

Social Media has become a space for understanding our own identity, how hard is it to write a profile of yourself? Social media is taking down the boundaries of self, the physical self is no longer the outer limit of your universe, if you are a member of any virtual community, your outer edge now straddles the globe.

It’s clear to everyone except those who’s vested interests blind  that connectivity is driving social media, social media is driving social change, social responsibility,social opinion like nothing before.

For those who are not part of this groundswell by choice or circumstance, your time is coming, systems technologies that by-pass the need to own a device or interface are on their way because the very nature of the internet is that of inclusion and collaboration, it knows that unless all human nodes are included, the resultant perception of the future will be again a flawed, open to elitism and corruption.

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