Social Media Lets Us Share without Being Judged.

Your on a train, sitting amongst other passengers, some are reading, some are eating some are chatting with each other. Quite often you will accidently begin eavesdropping on a conversation, more often than not people will be talking about other people, family or friends and alike. This is unique information only known by them and generally of no interest to you. Then sometimes people will be discussing a particular topic, politics, religion, science, sport etc.

Occasionally the topic is about something you know a lot about, in fact you might be an expert on that subject, you frustratingly listen to their speculations, interpretations and ponderings, knowing full well that if you spoke up and interjected, interrupted the conversation and injected your knowledge it would clarify, explain, elucidate yet you don’t for fear of being considered rude, or nosey or down right arrogant, so you don’t and they remain ignorant.

Social media is much like listening to people on a train, eg; on facebook more often than not people will be talking about other people, family or friends and alike, but unlike the train the social media platform, gives us the ability to share without being judged. Because there are two critical aspects of the communication dynamic are changed when we engage in social media, firstly there  is gesture, facial and physical gestures, those gestures that compromise the communication which we invariable perceive as judgement.

Secondly social media enables and facilitates an act of sharing, because you have been given permission to eavesdrop and interject. Social media changes people from being insular containers owners of knowledge, only called upon  when needed to supplant and advance ones own cause to contributors. Thus creating community, and that community acknowledges your sharing, your are rewarded by more friends and access to more people and more knowledge.

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