Search Engines Ranked by Q&A Intelligence

the Search function has been the corner-stone of the internet. It’s always been important, done right it yields powerful information that major global corporations have based their existence on. Often, quite often you need to mine a bit through the search engines ‘logic’ to find what you actually want, this takes a bit longer, so to speak. Sometimes you have to try to think like the machine to get results.

That was all fine and dandy when we all sat behind desktop towers and laptop computers.  Now as search moves to mobile, often your already on your way to somewhere before you have the exact location, like jumping in a cab and heading to a restaurant on Friday night and booking the tables on the way,  So having to make multiple searches on the mobile device, well, it chews up your power, it’s fidley, shall I go on.

Ever heard of the Butler University Q&A Intelligence Index, which measures the likelihood that a user ‘can expect to receive a correct answer in a timely manner to any random question asked using natural language’. They asked questions via mobile services and randomized the questions to cover both popular and long-tail knowledge requests. Below is a ranked Link Directory.

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