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I’ve been a devout Mac user since 1993, I remember paying $3700.00 for a Mac LCIII with 180 MB storage and 8 MB or RAM. That was the equivalent to 128 3″ Floppy discs! An Apple Colour Monitor  and a “Style Writer II” (black only) printer.

It was like opening a vast window into a fresh colour universe.

I was immediately sold on the innovativeness of the software, the Apple user interface was space age” compared to DOS. I never looked back, I converted lots of people and they always thank me for it, I

managed to get Apples introduced into my work places, and I recommend a Mac for anybody who wants to use a computer for anything!

I have NEVER ever had to  buy virus protection and I’ve never encountered any major security threats. For a long time only 5% of the PC market was Apple, so no one attacks the 5% ,they always go for the 95%. Yes there were the years of frustration when you couldn’t games or compatible software.

Silicon GraphicsI had a brief love affair with Silicon Graphics ‘Onyx’ but she was out of my financial league at the time. Yet there was a great sense of victory amongst Apple faithful when Microsoft copied the original Apple user interface and called it ‘Windows’

Previous to that “fateful day”

I had used an original IBM PC, the “Green Screen”, I called it. Storage was on a BIG floppy floppy disc and a one of those old dot matrix printers. then I bought one of the first “Toshiba Laptop Notebook”, I was so cool, but had issues,

The Mac Keyboard Explained with my lifestyle at the time. I started paying for an internet connection in 1992 when it all was very new and basic in Australia. Dial up with Compuserve.

Here some links where you can find what I consider to be & have personally found to be useful, as a Mac Man living in a Microsoft world.

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