In a nutshell, the social media manager creates strategies and solutions for organisations to leverage social media.

social media pulse1. To determine the “right” social media network for your brand to be associated with and build relationships in.

Because it’s a waste of time and money to build relationships in a network that is not demographically suited to your brand, for that you need someone who has their finger on the Social Media pulse.

2. Create and synchronize  a public profile appropriate for your brand. Your public profile is an extension of your brand’s existing image and must work in unison with all your other marketing.
Because you don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time. Your organizations has already spent a great deal of time, money and effort to create it’s current public image. The social media manager will determine which aspects can be enhanced, socialized and scaled.

buzz words3. Build your relationships, connections, friends, fans, followers, by creating “Buzz” this is done by releasing relevant, interesting and topical information, making offers, inviting and enticing people to stay connected and tell their friends about your brand.

Because in the new Social media paradigm we are not trying to generate one sale, we are trying to create lifelong customers.

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