Order your Coffee Now!

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One of the aspects that I really love about this wonderful era of cyber social cloud computing; is how easy it is to create and distribute art. Because the “Cyber Social Cloud” gives conceptual art a place of ironic permanence. Suppose your walking down a main street in your town. Suddenly you have an interesting and possibly lucrative cyber-economic thought. I know I have them, I assume you do too.

HOWEVER, at that very moment, financially things are tight so you don’t have startup cash in your pocket or in your bank account. in fact you have just enough money for a cup of coffee.

SO you stroll into an internet café, find a comfortable spot to sit down. Log on and order a coffee and a glass of water. collect a number of paper napkins. Then dip your finger into the glass of water, and quickly draw some funny lines on the napkin, with just plain water, you could use coffee,

NEXT with your cellphone, photograph the wet napkins, bluetooth the pictures to the workstation, and they become the graphic  theme for your new blog. You can have a hosted blog up and running by the time they bring your coffee. (that’s certainly true of some coffee establishments in the northern districts of Sydney)

NEXT You write your idea out, keyword research it, all the while your supping your first coffee. Your idea becomes new content in a matter of minutes, then, if armed with a strategy you can order another coffee and begin to publish, inform, monetize and direct thousands of users to that content, within a matter of hours.

It doesn’t take long to make your original content a very valuable piece of cyberspace real estate, to all kinds of organizations who also wish to communicate or advertise with your readers. After 8 hours in the cafe you transfer the digital earnings into your online bank account and pay for your subsequent beverages and online session, also getting a cash out and go home. Consider the Internet portal as an ATM, accepting deposits, and dispensing cash, in your favour.


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