‘Occupy’ is Facebook training cultural terrorists?

It wasn’t that long ago when ‘Wall St, ‘(I use the term loosely) was comfortable in the knowledge, that as long as Generations X, Y & Z kept going to work and were preoccupied within the virtual landscape of the internet they posed no threat to business as usual. What Wall St and a whole bunch of others were unaware of was that within the cyber society, slowly and surely Web 2.0 and Social Media was recruiting and training terrorists! Yes Facebook, WikiLeaks and the social media phenomenon is turning average wage slave debtors into pro-active, aware, consumer vigilantes. We learned to ‘Occupy’, from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we have been trained now to sign up, arrive, scribe our names, our pictures our likes and dislikes and most importantly it has elicited and  encouraged our comments and opinions into the Cyber Social Cloud. Social media has made it OK  for anyone to have an opinion. As the “Occupy” movement gathers momentum it manifests itself in different ways, where governments are corrupt they are being shattered, where greed is corrupting human life, it is being questioned, exposed and quashed. ‘Occupy’ manifests where it’s most needed by the 99%. Imperialistic corporate greed seems unstoppable. Question: What happens when an unstoppable force meet an immovable object? Answer: The unstoppable force stops and the immovable object moves. Let us be clear the 99% are that immovable object. If the 99% chose to cut off the blood flow to the corporate vampires, they would inevitably expire. Without the 99% paying their monthly, weekly, daily debt instalment there would be no Wall street, if mortgage holders across the world chose to default on their loans for once, twice or thrice times, the domino effect would bring the corporate dynasties and banks to their knees. If all 800 million Facebook users were asked to default on any home loan just once, Ouch! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one. “Occupy” is the morning sunlight , to the weary old corporate vampires. Even though the code for ‘Occupy’ is 1) Keep it Smart 2) Keep it Non-Violent 3) Keep it Growing. If violence erupts, it is due to the frustrations pitted against each other. On one side law enforcement beholding to political masters and they in turn to their corporate puppeteers. On the other side the 99% downtrodden, their lives, efforts and achievements absorbed by a corporate and insurance sponge, spreading much like the red weed in “War of the Worlds” The 99% has nothing more to lose, everything has been stripped from them and now even their future has been pre-sold. Any conflict strategist can tell you, that a few desperate people fighting for their right to survive are far more powerful than any invading force, as the US learnt after being thrashed by Vietnam? Western and developing nations feel that they were insulated from the events occurring across North Africa and the Middle East; ‘Occupy’ has made it clear that they are not. The reality is unless the current political puppets cut their corporate aprons strings and really change the financial rules and offer some equality and fairness to the 99%; their days are numbered too. Occupy Wall St today and Re-Occupy your lives tomorrow.

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