Why are the majority of your posts falling on deaf ears?

Mashable today published a post, of recent stats, which indicates that 71% of tweets get no reaction, that is to say little or no click thru or re-tweeting activity. View the Mashable post. Why is it so? Online marketers today have access to the most comprehensive metrics than ever before, the ability to segment a market down to gender, age, location, socioeconomic and educational background etc. Why then are the majority of marketing posts falling on deaf ears?

The first and most obvious reason for this lack of interest and engagement is that; the consumer today is better at ignoring ads than ever before, they have seen and been subjected to the cleverest hype that Madison Ave has to offer, they’ve seen and heard it all before and yet social media marketers think they can rehash old ideas and people are going to buy it. It’s obvious they are not. We have a plethora of start-up pseudo marketers, operating in the old paradigm of “frequency and saturation” gets results. The vast majority of social media marketers aren’t putting in the hard work and as a result they’re posting crap, BS, rehashed information and useless stupid drivel!

adaptive advertisingSecondly, the cyber-economy and the ability to impulsively buy anything your heart desires online 24/7, has brought with it a massive marketing dilemma, a dilemma that only Web 3.0 is going to solve, marketers need to know what people will want, before they want it, they must pre-empt the consumer in the business of consumption, as the WEB 3.0 database grows as Google and Facebook get better at knowing what you need before you need it, the task of delivering relevant copy that generates engagement will get easier. Until then marketers are caught in a “cyber limbo”.

Advertisers must develop ad copy that changes from user to user, depending on whose looking at the time, adapting vocabulary, cultural idioms and local time and place requirements. We can no longer write “one size fit’s all” ads, we have to write adaptive ads, you can’t use the same ad in the Bronx as you do on 5th Ave, they speak different languages, across one city, across one nation, across the globe.

My humble advice to online marketers today.

Carefully study and analyze the metrics. Write variations, using culturally specific language and deliver to a precise user groups. Be aware, and utilize every advancement in behavioural analytics. Sure it’s more time, sure its more effort, but remember this: We are now creating lifelong customers and not one off sales. Work out what one customer is worth for a lifetime of loyalty.

That’s my rave what’s yours? Leave a comment.

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