Is Bitcoin the Cure for Our Financial Cancer?


cure financial-cancer

cure financial-cancer

Traditionally expansion or contraction, were the only factors we could use to monetise the pursuits of men.

To most entities, financial growth i.e. the acquisition of wealth is the only model of business we understand or aspire to. Either up or down, profit being the ultimate objective, which is subsequently distributed to the group in control of that entity.

Initially government were not created to make money or to become hoarders of wealth themselves, citizens award the state it’s assets by election so as those assets can be managed for the social good, not to create a bigger wealthier society but to create a better one and to nurture an environment where it’s citizens, the default owners of the assets can flourish and thrive.

Slowly over time governments began to resemble corporate entities, for a couple of reasons, it was believed that people who had been successful in the corporate and commercial parts of society might make good asset mangers for the state and so the government began to adopt corporate jargon, corporate ideals. The other reason is that no one dares, less they be denigrated, demonised, labelled as anarchist, say hey you shouldn’t be making or even trying to create wealth,

To even moderately allude to that is tantamount to blasphemy, punishable by exile from convenience. As we discovered with Manning, Assange and Snowden to expose the states inner workings, failings and ledger is considered treason with often lethal consequences.

So as to facilitate this unbridled almost cancerous rate of growth the state abandoned a meaningful relationship to it’s tangible assets as a measure of it’s success and opted for a relationship to a fiction, a contrived wealth based upon gross deception of it’s own charges and the other states around it. Now that’s accepted as the norm. In 2014 what we have as system of planetary management is broken and unacceptable with only one horrific outcome.

Bitcoin technology can change all that.

In your own mind compare these two conditions; on one hand an open ended equation for growth, furiously at work on a limited resource, our fragile planet. Coupled with astronomical secrecy about how these resources are being exploited, that in turn breeding international distrust. On the other hand; a finite money supply operating on a finite resource, a transparent system of governance where there is no need for state secrets in the first place, where errors are clear and dealt with as they occur not left to fester and corrupt for years.

Which of these two conditions would offer a better outcome for the planet and the life that depend on her health?

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