High Speed Government Hype


I recently attend a forum about the ‘digital economy’, here in Coffs Harbour run by the government road show promoting  the National Broadband Network (NBN)

What surprises me is the conception that the digital economy is a new thing, when it’s been around for two decades or more. It’s only now that the Australian government has woken up to the fact; that unless bricks and mortar businesses adapt and embrace ecommerce on a large scale, large sections of regional towns will die.

What the government instruments don’t seem to realise or want to accept is that a large proportion of the regional population has no internet access or it’s so slow they don’t bother with it and people do not know how to use the technology, let alone find new ways to leverage it.

Government is obsessed with getting business on the bandwagon, forgetting that the digital economy is just as much about the public using and buying online as business selling their wares.

If basic computer and web training of the public is not made a national priority, it will amount to massive losses and subsequently more expense for the users for at least another 10 years.

With large swathes of the country still with dial up speeds and very old hand me down computers, users are not jumping to use the old technology so they have decided to wait, causing what the Government is calling “NBN paralysis”.

Can you blame people? because of the lag between government promise and real action on the ground users and businesses alike do not want to upgrade until the NBN technology is in place, why set up for high speed internet now when it could be years away by then your technology is out dated.

Instead of running around creating Buzz and hype through countless ‘taskforces’, they should be pushing for free training and education of all potential users.

Demographics beyond the borders of Sydney are vastly different in every other part of the country, higher unemployment, lower incomes, different lifestyle, so the metro models of implementation will not work.

High speed internet connections have transformed many small towns around the world into powerhouses of innovation and creativity, but unless real money is put towards education, the NBN will have only a modest effect on towns in this country, Thus the NBN is in danger of becoming another subsidised way for international entertainment corporations to deliver their products.


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