How to Filter Your Personality through Social Media

different rolesYour social media profile is your cyber social face, it is in most cases the first port of call for connections, friends and followers to find out who you are what you do. However most of us play a number of different roles in our daily lives, and no one circumstance does justice to our whole personality, that’s why it’s hard to write a defining profile.

The big advertisers would like us to confine ourselves to one social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, “put everything in one basket”. Because it’s much easier to monitor your online behaviour from a single source.

When signing up to a network, you need to determine which aspects of your multi foliate personality should be expressed, what online information will best serve your needs. How do we do that?

We need to create multiple profiles out of single personality (except for the small percentage who really do have multiple personality disorder). You can filter your personality so that those various aspects are properly represented in the cyber social cloud.

Breaking Down your personality.

Step 1.  Research,

Find out where your people are.

What networks are you attracted too?

What networks are your friends and colleagues using?

Step 2. Divide your life into 4 Parts

1. Work and Career – your business role/ services/ specialities

2. Personal and Relationships – home, children, special events

3. Community Contribution – Belief systems and causes.

4. Pleasure and Leisure – hobbies, sport, cultural interests

Step 3. Summarize

Write a sentence maybe two summarizing each part, try and be humorous. e.g. Personal and relationships, “Happily married, part time vegetarian with two teenage children and a second mortgage.” Keep them short, no one likes being confronted with tonnes of text.

Step 4. Connect the Media

For each profile upload relevant media, photos, video, music, writing, etc. Give people something to look at.

Social Media allows you to enhance your “good” qualities and talents while at the same time downplay or even omit your “not so good” qualities. Using various social media networks simultaneously allows you to be as diverse as you really are, it allows you to make full use of Web 2.0, which will in turn offer you friends, followers and connections that are specific and in sync with all of you. How many social media networks are you signed up to?

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