Everything has a story.


Everything has a story. Well, everything will need a story if it is to exist, at all in Web 3.0.

Everything that comes into existence at any given moment in time has a beginning and thus a following story. Look around the room right now, take a random look at anything, and there is a story. As the Net moves towards a more sophisticated and more intuitive protocol, Web 3.0.

Web 2.0 is busily building the behavioural database assets that are essential building blocks for the design of Web 3.0.protocolStories published to the Net database, creates “keyword relevant” and contextual sentences, text and pictographic sequences that are indicative of human behaviour and the subsequent documented activities that occur.

The recent emergence of apps like, Google’s QR coding and TOTem, or Sentiment sensing apps like ViralHeat and Facebook’s “Places”, these are all ways of collecting stories, adding context, geo location and motivation to each and every story.

Google’s Gmail Un-send feature, Why? Does un-send actually UN-send?

As humans we would like it to mean, “take it back”, take back that moment when you felt and wrote those things. IS that emotive information deleted or only withdrawn from your visible status and data updates?

Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a cybersocial pun dent, as plugged in as you, making lots of small stories. I’d say No way, the information gathered about what you “don’t want” to say, compared to what you “do” actually say, is invaluable in determining and predicting your future online behaviour patterns. All this is added to the Web 3.0 database, the intuitive web.

One of the charms of the Web 2.0 is that you’re not penalised for making stupid mistakes, it teaches you for free! A better way. Web 2.0 trains you with Youtube tutorial videos on how to best use it. Which maximizes your ability to create new content.

That’s my story for now, have you got a cyber-social story?

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