Desire, Motive and Convenience

the crave buttonRecently I had the rather sad experience, The end of a long term relationship. However because we are good friends we are in the process of redefining a new relationship. To do this we’ve had to revisit issues from the past that caused conflict or difficulty and  search for a common ground to establish positive future engagement.

How does this relate to Social Media you ask? Because in the end, relationship ties are frayed and sometimes there is hostility, one must be very careful in what you say, even more so than a stranger. The communication process we are engaged in, has given me an opportunity to observe, how social engagement develops, how people respond to varying messages and how to engage and get a positive result. That result, could be an agreement to communicate further or in the case of a social media marketer, it could be a request to accept or buy an offer or product. What ever the nature of the objective, there are three things that are essential to keep in mind.

Desire, Motive and Convenience. As a marketer your not going to get reasonable and loyal social media engagement, without addressing these issues.

DESIRE – So how do we get our friends/followers to want and desire further communication, information and engagement? It’s fair to say that the majority of people are driven by two things, craving and aversion. People have a good experience and they crave a repetition, they will actively desire it. If people have a bad experience and they develop an aversion so it doesn’t happen again. You must appeal to, or create, craving. As a marketer you need to create in the mind of the user, a potentially positive even addictive future when someone gets involved with you or your brand. It doesn’t really matter whether your message is believable or not, craving can be generated from within fantasy and seem real.

MOTIVE – T. S. Elliot in his epic poem “The Hollow Men” wrote; “..between the thought and the action falls the shadow..”The “shadow” is what the marketer have always battled. Answer these questions in the mind of the lead” What’s in it for me? Why should I make the effort? How do I benefit? Will it make me feel better? The benefit has to be a simple yet compelling enough reason, for the user to overcome the “shadow”, reach out and take positive action, in most cases that means click a button.

CONVENIENCE – All People are lazy, except for my mother. the marketer needs to make it really easy for people to accept your offer. Make it easy to engage and re-engage. I love the PayPal button, because I know it’s all set up and I only have to click 2-3 times and one password which my computer remembers anyway, to purchase anything. I can spend my time just shopping and not worry about the purchase process. It appeals to my laziness if it was complicated to buy online I probably wouldn’t. Walk them through the easy steps, show them the easy way and they will follow. Ask yourself  if each criteria was fulfilled for me would I click the button?

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