The Emerging Cyber Social Consciousness

You can spend a long time in the metropolitan and urban environment and never meet or acknowledge your neighbours. Cyber Social Cloud Computing is changing all that.

Cyber because it’s just 1’s and 0’s or more accurately, switches turning on and off, Social because the 1’s and 0’s emanate from real people, people with keyboards, or iPhones and Blackberries etc, and they are all conversing in a place called “The Cloud”. To understand “The Cloud”, think about all the things that you engage in via your computer or phone. How much of your activity actually exists on your hard drive and how much of it exists out in cyberspace? You use Facebook but it’s not on your computer it’s just an address in the cloud. Your bank is not on the computer it’s just an address in the cloud that you go to, and engage with.

Only a short time ago ideas travelled a physical journey to reach you, the newspaper, magazines, there has always been a distance involved and time, time for news to be created, to be written about and the time it took to get to you. We now live in a world of instant gratification, you can watch it live as it happens and if it takes too long to load your not interested, correct me if I’m wrong.

It was once that money was mostly cash it could be drawn from the bank put in your wallet or purse and then you could go out and buy stuff, pay bills, send it. Now the money is not physically real and it is real at the same time, we know there just numbers, we know these numbers are manipulated into being and these numbers manifest themselves at the ATM or the restaurant cash register. We accept that arbitrary credits and points will equate to real spending money it’s money because whoever is generating the numbers says it is, because they back up their numbers with their influence.

Physical activity doesn’t generate numbers but ideas do. Ideas become data. New data is very important, the Internet is full of information, most of it is self-replicating, that is to say, it’s not new, but when new data does appears, Google and the other search engine databases snap it up in a frenetic race for new content.

We want other people to see our data, we want people to hear our rave, what ever it might be, the internet doesn’t care if your rave is left or right, good or bad it’s just content, that adds to the ever expanding database. This Cyber Social Consciousness is unbiased its un relenting its ever-present, search for something today, if you search for the same thing tomorrow and there will be new data about it. The World Wide Web understands only one principle, growth. Google estimates the World Wide Web to be 15 million terabytes in size. There are thousands of obscure undefined servers, which are boxes of electronic equipment parked in various places around the world, that you engage with. The majority of your activity online only exists while your online, and nowhere else.

Generating money is no longer attributed to just work or physical labour, I move around in the world I walk around my house, that doesn’t generate numbers.

Sometimes the hardest physical labour you need to endure is typing on a keyboard; I type words I post them to the cloud, people read them they spend money to be online, they may choose to buy or use what I wrote about.

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