Creativity is like lego.

creative lego

creative lego

Creativity is like putting lego blocks together for the very first time. Your brain says ‘HEY that works, lets do it again and see what happens! Unfortunately solitary ideas, like single lego blocks don’t go very far but when two ideas collide, they can and do go far!

Generally you don’t have to show kids how to put two lego blocks together more than once if at all. Similarly when the human brain is given two or more ideas, it looks to determine the pathways to use, to put them together usually via imprinted social conditioning. Creativity happens when you resist social conditioning and look outside the box for the next block.

When new ideas present themselves, given you have no map or instruction manual, you instinctively look at not ‘what works’, but how it’s been done by others, no matter how stupid it is, eg circumcision. For some reason we seem to be blind to this and thus blind to creativity and that’s what led to the evolution of a very useful tool; the social and racial stereotype.

Speaking of blind creatives the advertising agencies have only ever used these stereotypes to convince people that their good idea, ‘their product’ should get together with your good idea, ‘your money’ and together you’ll be great!

Those social stereotypes have been seriously downgraded over the last 5 years and are no longer as effective in the new cyber-social society.  Socioeconomic distinction is no longer being seperated by cultural tradition or regional limitation, but by social network and digital device! Market segmentation is now about Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone. not White, Black or Asian.  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube not TV. Radio or Press.

What does this mean for creativity, it means there will be more of it, as people are released from their traditional bonds.which is a very good thing.



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