Contribute, be Vocal and Live

contribute, be vocal and liveAll over the developed and not so developed world people have been handed state of the art  media technology  for next to nothing, all you have to pay for is access to the cloud and what have we done with it? Have we launched forward and created great masterpieces any more extraordinarily or quantitatively than anytime in the past, no not really the percentage of genius is still the same, the percentage of innovation is the same.

What have we done with it?

Well we have photographed, captured, and documented our own lives and those of others which again underlines how much of a social animal we are. Alas the advancement of culture through the exploration of art and  media is secondary to the social needs of most individuals.

This clearly illustrates again the void that social media has filled. There was a need in society for a tool or some place for individuals to express themselves. As long as communication was an effort it wasn’t going to happen very much.

However the exponential uptake of social media  has not been matched with an exponential growth in creativity. Is it because, over the last 50 years we have been so well trained and brainwashed by the TV and corporate dominated media to merely to consume, be silent and die so much so that the creative spark has been extinguished in most people?

Now that the new media has been released from the grip of the developers and geeks we are going to see an explosion of art,  as the potential of what the individual can achieve slowly hits home . Will we see an explosion in creativity, Consumption will give way to contribution, silence will give way to our collective voices and we will begin to live the lives we were meant to, culturally rich and creative.

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