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Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

image cheat sheet

image cheat sheet

Social Media explained with Coffee

Social media Explained with Coffee

Social media Explained with Coffee

The Future of the Facebook ‘Like’: Dead or Alive?

But, to those involved in digital and social media marketing, a ‘like’ means so much more

Best Time to Post on Social Media

Best-Time-to-Post-on-Social-Media Best Time to Post on Social Media

‘Occupy’ is Facebook training cultural terrorists?


It wasn’t that long ago when ‘Wall St, ‘(I use the term loosely) was comfortable in the knowledge, that as long as Generations X, Y & Z kept going to work and were preoccupied within the virtual landscape of the internet they posed no threat to business as usual. What Wall St and a whole bunch of others were unaware of was that within the cyber society, slowly and surely Web 2.0 and Social Media was recruiting and training terrorists! Yes Facebook, WikiLeaks and the social media phenomenon is turning average wage slave debtors into pro-active, aware, consumer vigilantes. We learned to ‘Occupy’, from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we have been trained now to sign up, arrive, scribe our names, our pictures our likes and dislikes and most importantly it has elicited and  encouraged ou...

Why are the majority of your posts falling on deaf ears?

not_listening Why then are the majority of marketing posts falling on deaf ears?