Bad journalism, Greed and Complacency

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printers ponder the ipad

I was recently at an event for a local school at which they dug up a time capsule deposited by students 25 years ago. In amongst the goodies and nostalgia, they had made voice recordings on tape cassettes, Ironically it’s a machine, which the school no longer uses, in fact it would be hard to find a working cassette player nowadays. This got me to thinking about change, the media and the impact Web 2.0 has had on our lives both west and east.

The newspaper and print media losses are going to be spectacular, something they’ve been hiding for the last decade. Over the coming months, not years, I might add. One by one the great paper and book houses will crumble. Those who haven’t already done so are scrambling to redesign themselves in an ‘Amazon’ like model, without having to fork out $ for Amazon’s IP. I mean there are only so many ways to sell a book right, if they don’t have systems in place already they’re fucked.

It’s not the death of print though; it will be the rise of the boutique printers, high quality low volume, and beautiful books and as collectables, because no matter what there is nothing quite as secure as ‘hard copy’. Look at all the Internet ‘captcha’ codes, which try and filter out robots; they rely on the uniqueness of the analogue interface, which occurs in the human brain while reading.

They are destined to fall not just because of the rise of Web 2.0 but mostly for BAD journalism, Greed and Complacency

The mass media particularly print has been hiding bad journalism for years only because they controlled the means of production and distribution and no one could really question them. The unethical and unscrupulous nature of’ The News of the World’s’ journalist was well known throughout the world, but people still bought the paper. Greed and complacency, the kind that settles on a well-oiled enterprise, when all the mouths are being fed to maintain the status quo; Profit and growth at any cost, which is always a recipe for doom.

Without the machines of production, without the momentum of the $ value of the paper factories and presses themselves, without the need to maintain the external infrastructure like news outlets, delivery vehicles and print deadlines etc. In fact with a price on carbon they manufacture of newspapers has become a burden. The New York Times, The Guardian and The Australian are all just well resourced dull News aggregation blogs. For the first time they must compete with quality content and hope it goes viral.


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