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The Future of the Facebook ‘Like’: Dead or Alive?

But, to those involved in digital and social media marketing, a ‘like’ means so much more

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How to Filter Your Personality through Social Media

Your social media profile is your cyber social face, it is in most cases the first port of call for…

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target social media

Social Media is not Marketing

  The more I read and learn from various web, tech and media pundits across the net, the more I…

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The reign of the cultural gatekeepers is over

The once seemingly impenetrable edifice beyond which ideas and riches could be realised has cracked and is about to shatter.

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Everything has a story.

Everything that comes into existence at any given moment in time has a beginning and thus a following story

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PRISM surveillance map

Without Privacy PRISM is Nothing

Lets talk about PRISM for a moment, Yes it’s a great concept for a record cover, NO, it’s a lousy…

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