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The Future of the Facebook ‘Like’: Dead or Alive?

But, to those involved in digital and social media marketing, a ‘like’ means so much more

How to Filter Your Personality through Social Media

different rolesYour social media profile is your cyber social face, it is in most cases the first port of call for connections, friends and followers to find out who you are what you do. However most of us play a number of different roles in our daily lives, and no one circumstance does justice to our whole personality, that’s why it’s hard to write a defining profile.

The big advertisers would like us to confine ourselves to one social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, “put everything in one basket”. Because it’s much easier to monitor your online behaviour from a single source.

When signing up to a network, you need to determine which aspects of your multi foliate personality should be expressed, what online information will best serve your needs. How do we do that?

We need to create multiple profiles out of single personality (except for the small percentage who really do have multiple personality disorder). You can filter your personality so that those various aspects are properly represented in the cyber social cloud.

Breaking Down your personality.

Step 1.  Research,

Find out where your people are.

What networks are you attracted too?

What networks are your friends and colleagues using?

Step 2. Divide your life into 4 Parts

1. Work and Career – your business role/ services/ specialities

2. Personal and Relationships – home, children, special events

3. Community Contribution – Belief systems and causes.

4. Pleasure and Leisure – hobbies, sport, cultural interests

Step 3. Summarize

Write a sentence maybe two summarizing each part, try and be humorous. e.g. Personal and relationships, “Happily married, part time vegetarian with two teenage children and a second mortgage.” Keep them short, no one likes being confronted with tonnes of text.

Step 4. Connect the Media

For each profile upload relevant media, photos, video, music, writing, etc. Give people something to look at.

Social Media allows you to enhance your “good” qualities and talents while at the same time downplay or even omit your “not so good” qualities. Using various social media networks simultaneously allows you to be as diverse as you really are, it allows you to make full use of Web 2.0, which will in turn offer you friends, followers and connections that are specific and in sync with all of you. How many social media networks are you signed up to?

Social Media is not Marketing

target social media

The more I read and learn from various web, tech and media pundits across the net, the more I get concerned that the marketing community has tried to vertically integrate itself with Social Media, trying to hide themselves amongst the clutter until it’s time to pounce. Much like tumor that sits dormant for years until it explodes into a malignant cancer.So for sake of clarity lets get something straight; Social media per say is not marketing!

The more old school and heritage marketers try an embrace social media tools into their marketing mix, the more difficult they find it becomes. Why? for two reasons; firstly social media is a vehicle for social interaction not a billboard. Secondly because it relies on real life engagement to develop awareness and brand loyalty, lets face it traditional marketers know nothing of engagement, they only know “in your face” advertising which will always be a one way street. Marketers and Advertisers are trying to convince us they care. The fact that they have only ever percieved the public as a set a socioeconomic demographic statistics and buying groups, doesn’t seem to bother them. So what makes us think that will change.? (except for their own rhetoric and hype)

These are the halicion days much like the dot com bubble, people all over the world are joining the social media networks, because everybody else is, and no-one like being left out. This goes for the advertisers as well. Increasingly though one joins a social media network, enters into the fancy Web 2.0 interface and finds themselves confronted with advertising, WTF we thought we left that all behind with TV and Magazines. If anything is going to force the social media roller coaster to stop at the top it will be the unfettered saturation of advertising interlaced within the networks.

Users now co-ordinate and operate in syncronised groups, entire friend networks are deciding to ditch Facebook and the McDonalds end of social media and create their own private and customised networks. We are going to see more and more of this as dissatisfaction develops with the mega networks. How do we know this?, go to any shopping mall, alongside the big department stores, live the boutiques, from clothing to food, boutiques offer more than a one size fits all solution, and as users get more savvy they are going to seek out and create their own boutique networks.

The reign of the cultural gatekeepers is over

gatekeepers The once seemingly impenetrable edifice beyond which ideas and riches could be realised has cracked and is about to shatter.

Everything has a story.

google-and-QR-Google-Jan Everything that comes into existence at any given moment in time has a beginning and thus a following story

Without Privacy PRISM is Nothing

PRISM surveillance map

Lets talk about PRISM for a moment, Yes it’s a great concept for a record cover, NO, it’s a lousy one for a spy organisation more like “Pink Floyd meets 1984”  Frankly I’m appalled at the outrage that has emanated from the global community since the PRISM disclosures.

Who in their right mind didn’t think that level of surveillance wasn’t going on anyway? if this revelation; that your social networks and chat rooms are being spied upon, on masse is a surprise, well I’m sorry you deserve to be spied upon!

No authoritative organisation, public or private, would let that type of behavioural information go by without, at least a second glance, if not a full inspection. they would be remiss of duty if they didn’t.

PRISM surveillance map

PRISM surveillance map

In reality it’s not that we are being spied upon that’s the problem, the problem is the speculation about what anyone might do with that type of data, what’s it going to be used for? The by who, we know, if you’re in the USA, I’d say worry, be really worried, for the rest of the world; change your username and password, maybe ditch your FB account, good luck with getting the truth out of the NSA.

While being interviewed in the dock of the Old Bailey, about the now ,infamous  News of the World phone hacking scandal, a journalist was quoted; “Privacy? only pedo’s need privacy everyone’s fair game”

Privacy is a two-edged sword, on one hand you are privy to, and can, leverage particularly unique information, which is really useful in all human relationships. On the other hand it’s a burden, it’s a secret to be kept from others. OK why do I say that privacy a burden?

Privacy is also a vestige

e, a vestige of the cult of individuality, the ego centric consumer cult that has dominated world affairs for the latter half of this century, if you born between 1955 and 199

5, you’ve been trained to believe that as an “individual” you have a right to posses things for your own exclusive use. We’re trained to expect that everybody has their own stuff. After all “possession is nine-tenths of the law”, don’t they say?To put it more bluntly or how we would describe it in advertising is: constantly aiming for optimum product saturation.

Privacy is yet another “thing” to own and value, thus it goes into the “this is my stuff” basket, and is subsequently fiercely defended, much like a smart phone or tablet. Since the start of the new millennium, this “sharing” concept has crept in and is infiltrating every orifice of capitalism, (except banking), who knows where that may lead. Ask a millennial about privacy and they shrug their shoulders at you.

PrismSo back to PRISM, put it in perspective! the USA has trolled the public internet, just like you can, just like anybody can and collecting this digital dribble (you’ve seen the crap on your news feed sometimes) from hundreds of millions of people, good luck making any sense of it. Maybe they could analyse my stuff with their super computers, extrapolate into the future and give me some free financial or life advice? Which part of everything online is public and permanent don’t you understand? If you want privacy keep it offline! That’s my 2 cents worth, whats yours, I mean do you care?