Web 2.0

The Future of the Facebook ‘Like’: Dead or Alive?

But, to those involved in digital and social media marketing, a ‘like’ means so much more

How to Filter Your Personality through Social Media

Social Media is not Marketing


The more I read and learn from various web, tech and media pundits across the net, the more I get concerned that the marketing community has tried to vertically integrate itself with Social Media, trying to hide themselves amongst the clutter until it’s time to pounce. Much like tumor that sits dormant for years until […]

The reign of the cultural gatekeepers is over

The once seemingly impenetrable edifice beyond which ideas and riches could be realised has cracked and is about to shatter.

Everything has a story.

Everything that comes into existence at any given moment in time has a beginning and thus a following story

Without Privacy PRISM is Nothing

Lets talk about PRISM for a moment, Yes it’s a great concept for a record cover, NO, it’s a lousy one for a spy organisation more like “Pink Floyd meets 1984″  Frankly I’m appalled at the outrage that has emanated from the global community since the PRISM disclosures.

Who in their right mind didn’t think that level of […]

The Really big Social Groups

human gathering The Big Numbers

Floodwaters and Connectivity

The flood helps me reflect on how dependent we are on the transportation network. The flood severs the network unilaterally and often destroys infrastructure.

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